Maeng da kratom: the choice of all Kratom variants

Generally, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is comparatively a new name in the medical and medicinal word list of both the United States and Europe. It has been a native drug in Southeast Asia for many years, especially in Thailand and Indonesia, and has gained a legal, imperceptible and harmless status. It is considered and promoted as a perfect replacement for some ‘hard drugs’ like opioid, abroad. Summarily, it is being recommended to offer three main benefits, namely, as an anti-diarrhea substance, a painkiller, and a drug for recreational purposes. However, specific health benefits of Kratom are far more than the over-listed. Kratom comes in different strains and forms, including Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein Thai, Red Vein Kali, Green Vein Kali, White Vein Kali, Super Indo, and Super Green Malaysia. The first two on the list are the most common, and their functions also look similar except that Maeng Da Kratom is more energizing. Maeng Da is every so often the Kratom of choice for users who need some extra energy and look to relieve pain.

The components of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is native to Thailand and it gets its name after a water bug called Lethocerus Indicus. In terms of chemical makeup, Maeng Da Kratom is a genetically custom-made strain of Kratom, as it contains more alkaloid than the original herbal leaf tree. The modification that comes with Maeng da Kratom gives room for the host tree to have stable development under harsh environmental and climatic conditions. Its functional advantage over other variants of Kratom is that its by-products contain a lot of beneficial active compounds. Similarly, it consists of dark leaves, which turn greener than normal when it is made into powder or crushed form, making its physical framework distinguishable from other strains of the leaf.

What benefits do Maeng da Kratom serve the user?

Like, but more than its counterpart Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom offers its users of with a potent mixture of energy and mood-enhancing effects. This lends credence to the fact that it is best preferred by most farmers in Thailand as it offers them adequate energy to do their work with ease. It is known for its capacity to boost energy in the morning time while providing users with more focus and intelligibility to square up with the day’s challenges. Meanwhile, its most potent benefits are best felt when the substance is consumed in small to medium dosage, as it is believed to be capable of providing high stimulating effects that can help users to be more attentive and productive.

In specific terms, the cognitive enhancement functions of ingesting Maeng Da Kratom has proven to come in the following beneficial forms to its users, which include.

  • Ability to concentrate
  • Enhanced memory and mental functions
  • Lesser fatigue when doing heavy mental tasks
  • Mood enhancer, euphoric feeling
  • Anti-depressant
  • Increased enthusiasm
  • Increased stamina


Besides the cognitive function, Kratom Box Maeng Da Kratom is also known for its sedative benefit. It allows users to manage and suppress pain, thus also providing more relaxing feeling. Hence, it is used as a painkiller and a non-harmful alternative to opiates. It is also very effective to stimulate sexual mood while also serving as a sexual performance enhancer.

What side effects does Maeng da Kratom have?

Like every other substance, the effect and negative reaction arising from taking Maeng Da is dependent on the biochemistry of the user and the strict adherence or otherwise to the prescription and direction for use. That is, the effect on one user does not necessarily mean to be a general side effect on all other users. Maeng Da is considered the most potent and effective of all Kratom strains, it benefits have expanded significantly and so have its chances of widening side effects. However, it is generally believed that there is a jittery and anxious feeling —like caffeine will react on the body of its user- that often comes with the use of the substance when it is being taken as an energizer. Other reactive effects tend to be associated with the use of Maeng is nausea, lack of focus, Dizziness, Lethargy, Trouble sleeping, Lightheaded, and in some extreme cases, respiratory.

Meanwhile, Maeng Da has its direction for use and it is important such is strictly followed to get the best benefit the substance offers to users. This direction comes in term of ideal dosage, the interval of use, timing, and age of the user. In terms of dosage, 4 grams or less of Maeng Da is advised to be taken in order to get the most of its efficacy.

Choosing a Best Mouse for Seamless Gaming Experience


Having a good workable gaming mouse is one entity that derives lots of satisfaction to the user. Big tech companies such as Asus, Razer and Corsair have been at it for years. And well 2018 is no exception. These tech companies have produced even better gaming mice for the century.

When choosing a gaming mouse price so to say is never a factor one should put lots of consideration case example would be the Steel series Rival 700/600. However, it wouldn’t make much sense to own a 2599-dollar computer and make use of an 8 dollar mouse.

With that being said here is a comprehensive list of the 3 best gaming mouse this year.

1. The Steel Series Rival 700.

This is quite precisely the only mouse on this list that has a vibrating characteristic. Further, this gaming mouse comes from a very reputable company that has been in the game for years. This is a best budget gaming mouse as well as gaming experience.

Bright side

  • Comes with a very innovative modular design
  • The mouse feature the trendy RGB lighting
  • The mouse comes with inbuilt programmable alerts to notify users
  • One can customize the mouse’s functionality to meet his/her own uses

Dark side

  • The price might not be friendly to some
  • Not left-handed model available in the market currently

2. Asus ROG Spantha

Asus finally introduced a new flagship line of mice for gamers. The name itself is quite impressive which reflects on the unique abilities of this gaming mouse. Further, the design of the Asus ROG is remarkably stellar and aggressive. The mouse performance is really catchy and up to date with normal trends in the market given its price range.

Bright side

  • It has an attractive catchy design to inspire users
  • The gaming mouse is easy to use given its customizability
  • Comes with a variety of incredible feature both in hardware and software
  • Fitted with RGB lighting that makes it attractive to users

Dark side

  • The side buttons are not general really comfortable to use
  • Not suitable for small handed individuals given its bulkiness
  • Given the price range can be discouraging to some enthusiasts

3. Razer Ouroboros.

This gaming mouse is what many might call the direct competitor of the Asus Spantha. However, what gives it a niche over competitors its unique ambidextrous feature. However, to counter this advantage one might say the mouse is a bit Old fashioned given it doesn’t feature the trendy RGB Lighting.

This mouse is particularly designed for the die-hard gaming enthusiasts coming from a well-known company that has always been at the top of the techno-gaming industry.


  • Very customizable to users
  • Uses wireless technology thus an added convenience to its users
  • Ambidextrous properties are very attractive to users
  • Long battery life thus uninterrupted gaming experience

Dark side

  • The gaming mouse is quite complicated to learn its use
  • The gaming mouse comes at a costly price tag


In summary, owning one of these three gaming mice can be a costly affair but the Advantages that come with owning such a device are enormous. The Mouse stipulated above are the best of the best in the market and come with the best quality functionality and customizability arrangement.


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Kratom Near Me – Different Kratom Strains For Sale

Kratom is known as an herbal solution used in the modern day for problems experienced every day. Its status has been a suspicion for quite some time. Also, its legalization despite the so many benefits attached to it took too long with some countries still not legalizing the selling of kratom. However, the belief is somehow gone with many vendors from which you can buy kratom online at the comfort of your home. Some of the vendors where you can buy kratom include:

Scared kratom

This is the pace for residents of USA with the refined search options provided for its users. The website allows you search referred product either by region, aroma, effects or name of the product. Also, making the choice of the strain to use especially for new users is availed.

The store provides free priority, same day shipping for domestic orders going for plus $50. The products have 100% guarantee and refund policy.

Kratom spot

This is another genuine kratom vendor selling kratom capsule and powder. The buyer can either choose to buy green, white, red strains all either as capsules or extracts. Priority shipping is given for orders going for $100 and above. Their support system is available 24/7 for any queries.


This is a big website which sells several products such as essential oils, media and books, Blue Lotus, accessories, plant extracts and plant materials among others. Every purchase in this website attracts a free gift. Also, there are products with daily discounts every day. Each order made on the site is capable of attracting discount coupons and free shipping.

Kratom Syndicate

This is an online vendor who offers 100% quality kratom product. It’s here you are able to buy in kratom, kratom extracts and kratom powder. The store also has enhanced strains of 50x potency. The site among the methods recognized for payment, the company accepts Bitcoins to settle bills. Any order made on the website is send the next day with a return for products offered through writing a note to the support system.

Soul speciosa

The name of the website originates form Mitragyna a species of the kratom. The vendor offers finest quality in different forms; capsules, extracts and also kratom powder. Regular customers are set to enjoy reward coupons and points with discounts and bonus prizes. All orders made are shipped on same day of order with no charges added.

Kraken kratom

This is a website which never compromises kratom quality as well as the satisfaction customers need form vendors. The website offers kratom leaves and powder, extracts, capsules and also enhanced strains of kratom. The methods of payment availed are vast including use of Bitcoin with customers offered coupons and reward points for loyal customers. The website also has a support department from which customers can pose questions and any enquiries.

Kratom Nature

Whenever I spot this herb, what I see is the powerful healing plant that God blessed it with the whole world. But the fact remains that the Asian origin Herb continues to be a mystery to many even today. I needn’t say that this is the era of science, technology, and creativity where we must all understand this powerful, prominent component to science especially in the medical field that has been taken through great creativity and brought up just for you.

Kratom tea

This is the nature of Kratom, which is very prominent and yields spectacular results. Firstly, it’s important to understand the science behind making Kratom tea. Raw leaves of this herb, when boiled in hot water, will darken the solution to give you the Kratom tea. This is the system that is in use since time immemorial. However, of late, the Kratom tea is now made from the powder that’s sold on the market.  The powder of Kratom is just mixed with water and then boiled for quite some time to extract the juice before it’s sieved and served either cold or warm.

kratom nature

Kratom powder

This powder is the most extreme nature of Kratom that has flooded the market and has taken the central market control. The powder is made from the pure plant leaf and the leaf veins and midrib removed from it so as to make it easily swallowed and ingestible. The powder can just be gulped down by water and any other juice or liquid substance. However, it can still be taken without the use of other material because it’s super refined. The powder is still made into the tea and consumed.

Kratom Liquid

Checking out the price tag attached to the Kratom Liquid is worth raising the eyebrows. In fact, for me, I questioned its value until one day I had a golden chance to have this product.  Kratom liquid is the nature of Kratom that’s very powerful and strongest. Just taking a small amount of it will give you remarkable results.  This liquid is the form of Kratom that’s come to meet the high demand for a stronger and high concentrated Kratom form.  Moreover, making this juice is the biggest trouble. The raw leaves take then ground and its juice extracted to make the Kratom liquid. How many plants are needed to make a liter of this Green Malay Kratom? Meditating on this should be evidence enough to understand why the Kratom liquid has an enormous price tag.

Kratom tablets and capsules

Kratom is chemically compounded to form tablets or capsules that can be quickly swallowed then yield very robust results. This form is the most common on the market since it can be readily affordable and it saves the body the havoc to bear the bitterness of Kratom.

The real nature of Kratom is defined in the above states. You want to understand the green, white and red strains of Kratom, and then you need to check it out in the above states. You will have the greatest experience and encounter with this Asian herb. Don’t be afraid to try it, it’s all fun!



Review of green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom has been used for centuries, in the place it originated. Kratom users recognize this type to be better than other strains of Kratom. They have named it as the ‘super’ due to its high effect and potency. Due to its long lasting effects and how enjoyable it feels using it has made it to gain a long lasting character. It is affordable and cheap, it also boost the energy in an individual.

Its leaves

They are commonly known as keetum which have the same character as morphine. They are of great help whereby they relive chronic pain it also helps in problems such as migraine, osteoporosis, backache. The alkaloid found in there leaves is mitragynine which is not soluble in water but dissolves in living solvents.

There leaves are dark green in color and oval in shape, with a size of 100-180mm width and length. Its vein on the leaves are either greenish-white or greenish-red in color. Their leaves can be used as antioxidants, which can help in boosting the body immunity and fighting damaged cells. Kratom is useful in fighting several cancers. This powerful impact of this plant has made it to be consumed in high rate in Malaysia.

Positive effects of green Malay

It one of the most favorite comparing to other Kratoms this is due to the many positive effects it have. Its main properties is to boost energy, relieving of pain, increase the feelings and senses of heightened, joy or euphoria, happiness. It also fixes issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and monotony at the work place.

In its natural state it is the best Kratom strain for professionals, students and workers.It also helps those people suffering from diseases such as backaches, migraines, sciatica, arthritis, etc. It is one of the long-lasting Kratom which means that it boost the mood and increases the level of concentration, has an extended relief from pain.

Effects of over using

When an individual takes excess Kratom it have some effects which include; jitteriness, inability to concentrate or doing thing, fidgeting, difficulties in keeping track of opinions and unclear speech. It can also cause extremely restless, dizziness or nauseous, excessive talking, excessive sweating and rashes on the legs which are red like.

Proper dosages

The best dose which is recommended is 2.5-4 grams in a particular time. 10 grams a day is a good dose but when someone over uses it might be harmful to the body. Kratom can doses can also be estimated according to the one’s weight, how it fast it affects an individual and its impact to a person. For the people with 70kg or 150pounds it is recommended to consume 2-3 grams per day. Those who are 150-200 pound 3-4 grams a day is recommended.

Prices of green Malay Kratom

What you Should to Know About White Vein Borneo Kratom

Kratom offers a wide range of medicinal solutions. Many have used it either for recreational or therapeutic functions. This White Vein Borneo version provides additional nootropic benefits for those who want to improve their cognitive functions. The name stems from the fact that it emanates from a Kratom’s plant leaves with signature white veins running down at their center. The fact that it is herbal makes it fit for your body. It is a perfect cure for mental sharpness, alertness, and wakefulness.

How White Vein Borneo kratom works

Like other Kratom strains, White Vein Borneo kratom contains alkaloids which are bioactive compounds of nitrogenous origins. They are more abundant in the leaves than any other part of the plant. These alkaloids contain Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine which are known to boost nootropic functions and energy in the human body.

Pros of using White Vein Borneo kratom

  • Mood relaxation-this is a useful benefit for those that experience mood swings on regular occasions. It relaxes not only mentally but physically as well.
  • Stability-it stabilizes the mind for sharper concentration.
  • Calms nerves-this benefits those with short tempers as it can initiate a soothing effect.
  • Increased Motivation and drive- White Vein Borneo kratom can boost your confidence while engaging I activities that require a high level of cognitive awareness.
  • Boosts energy-it can also provide you with energy essential to staying alert for long.
  • Improved focus-with White Vein Borneo kratom, you do not need to worry about unnecessary distractions.

Cons of using White Vein Borneo kratom

Since White Vein Borneo kratom is a derivative of the coffee family, most of the side effects associated with using it are related to the primary plant. They include:

  • Jitters-excessive intake of White Vein Borneo kratom can deny you a relaxed time.
  • Anxiety-it can also lead to lack of sleep.
  • Pain reliever- White Vein Borneo kratom cannot be used to relieve pain. That requires medical intervention.

Using White Vein Borneo kratom

The effects of White Vein Borneo kratom on different users varies according to their respective metabolic capacities. The dosage depends on what you intend to achieve from it. Its success also depends on the user’s experience. Beginners should use less than 3 grams at any one particular time while experienced users can go as high as 6 grams per day. Expect the effects to show after around 45 minutes and to last up to 4-5 hours. However, it is recommended to seek expert opinion before adopting a dosage routine.


White Vein Borneo kratom is a safe herbal product that has helped many with concentration problems. The therapeutic qualities of this soothing strain cannot be doubted. However, if you are looking for a pain reliever, this product may not be the best option. Other than that, it offers value for money.

The Gold Bali Kratom

The Gold Bali Kratom has been used by many for a very long time. Although it initially existed as a premium, companies started processing it in huge quantities making it affordable and hence available to many people. There is a myth amongst the people that claim the Gold Bali Kratom is not as effective since it originates from Western and Southern Borneo. However, the myth is not true basing on the effects the Gold Bali Kratom has on its users. When the effects of the Gold Bali Kratom are analyzed, it makes sense when experts say that the Gold Bali kratom is from the red leaf. However, it is believed that the Gold Bali Kratom is simply the red vein whose leaves have changed to gold from the initial red as a result of excessive drying.

The Gold Bali kratom plant has darker leaves as compared to other strands. The dark green leaves color is due to huge amounts of chlorophyll. When dried the chlorophyll element turns to brown. When compared with others, the Gold Bali kratom plants growth rate was found to be higher. The high rate of growth is attributed to the huge amounts of chlorophyll responsible for generating food for the plant. When processing, Gold Bali kratom is dried using different methods, some people say it is sun dried while others claim that it is fermented partially. The Gold Bali Kratom is usually priced depending on its nutritious value.

When used, the Gold Bali Kratom has various effects on the body. First, it is a pain reliever. Many people who suffer who experience long-term pains use the Gold Bali Kratom to ease themselves from the pain. However, this drug has sedative characteristics, and first-time users are advised to start with a lower dosage then advance slowly. For those who are not first time users, when using the drug, it is advised that they use it on free days since they might fail to accomplish what they had planned for. Other than pain relieving, it also causes changes in appetite. For those with low appetite, the Gold Bali Kratom is used to boost appetite. Also, the Gold Bali Kratom relieves one from anxiety and causes the user to relax. For those who wish to remain focused on something, this drug is used as an energy booster.

Despite the benefits, the Gold Kratoms has side effects on the users. One of these side effects is that it is highly sensitive as compared to other kratoms. When used in excess, the drug can cause “wobbles” which in return leads to difficulty in seeing. This causes one to lose focus. Also, using Gold Bali Kratoms causes Nausea and stomach upsets. Because of these side effects, users are advised to stick to the right dosage as instructed by experts.

Buy Etizolam – How you should take Etizolam

What is Etizolam

In the market, Etizolam is available as Depas, Etilaam, Etizet, Sylazepam, Sedekopan, Nonnerv, Mozun and Pasadena and it is suitable for anyone suffering from panic disorders and anxiety.

Buy Etizolam

You could buy the drug in physical or online stores but whichever you choose, make sure you buy from a trusted source. For those who like buying their products online, EtizoLab and Etizy are an excellent choice owing to their quality and trustworthiness. The drug is mostly sold in 1 or 2-milligram tablets, but some vendors sell in different packages while some also sell in powder form. However, be careful whenever you buy etizolam in the various forms or packages since legitimacy is a significant concern.

How you should take Etizolam

Etizolma possesses stress relief and antidepressant properties making it a must-have in your drugs cabinet. You should, however, take it cautiously since you could experience drug withdrawal symptoms such as the bounce back anxiety if you do not adhere to the dosage.

You can quickly get the drug over the counter, but it would be better if you consulted a doctor. All drugs are taken depending on age, weight and health conditions, and Etizolam is no special. Doctors will suitably advise you on this. The drug can be administered under the tongue, as an oral medication or through the rectum but this is quite uncommon.

Mostly, doctors recommend 12 weeks as the maximum period to take the drugs. To get the ultimate benefits, you should observe a regular dosage since just like any other medication if left halfway, it will not be effective. Commonly, people forget taking their medicine. If this happens, you should not double the next dosage, but you should just continue from where you left off avoiding serious overdose effects. In this case, if you forget taking yesterday’s tablet, you should not take two today.

Warnings and side effects

Etizolam’s warnings and side effects are mainly based on the pills you could be taking, your body weight and size and your health conditions.


  • You should not take the drug after taking alcohol since this could cause nausea, drowsiness, headaches and you could vomit or faint.
  • The drug is sensitive for pregnant and lactating mothers and in these cases; it should only be taken according to doctor’s advice.
  • Etizolam may interact with carbamazepine and fluvoxamine, and anyone on this medication should seek doctor’s advice on how to take the drug or for other recommendations.

Side effects

Most drugs have serious but rare side effects, and this also applies to Etizolam. Whether in high or small amounts, Etizolam has the same side effects, but they only differ in the extensiveness since the effects are minimal at lower dosages and the magnitude increases with the dosage. You could experience one side effect, or you could experience a combination of them. Some of the common ones include

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of attention
  • Lack of coordination
  • Breathing problems
  • Reduced heart rate

Final opinion on Etizolam

Despite its legality in the US, Etizolam has not been approved by the FDA for medical use. This does not necessarily mean it is dangerous since it an effective medication for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. If you choose to start or stop the medication, do it gradually, for safety purposes.




The benefits of liquid kratom

Liquid kratom is produced from the kratom powder. The extraction means that there are many leaves used in making a concentrated liquid. That means the extracted liquid is more powerful than the leaves or the powder. The strength of the liquid is denoted in form of 2x, 5x,10x and so on. The more powerful the liquid kratom, the more the powder, or the leaves used.

The benefit of liquid kratom

If you are the person who loves the great effect of the kratom and you do not like to chew the leaves, or consume it in powder form, or even consider to be much work preparing the herbal shakes or tea, then this is the best solution for you. It is quite very simple to use the liquid solution. They are quite easy to use, the many leaves used in making the kratom liquid, be sure you will have the desired effects in short time. The effects will actually last for a long time.

Some of the users have discussed that the liquid kratom extract has a high strength, compared to the leaves or the powder. Therefore, they produce a very strong effect. The people, who experience unbearable pain due to surgery or chemotherapy, can consider having the liquid kratom. It will be the ideal solution to the pain in the body.

Effects of liquid kratom

There are side effects depending on the kratom you are using. However, the common types of effects after administering the liquid kratom include;

  • Relaxation: The liquid kratom is known to produce good relaxation effects. This is because of how it is produced. Typically, the relaxation effect can last up to good 6 hours. It is very helpful if you need to concentrate on something and not get stressed or anxious when dealing with it.
  • Stimulation: Just like the powder, Liquid extracts are known to produce stimulation effects. Since the extract is in liquid form, it has a high concentration of alkaloids. The stimulation is very effective since it can keep you for hours while working or staying up.
  • Sedation: When you consume a high dose of the liquid extract, you will feel sedate and sleepy. If you cannot sleep at night, then this is the ideal product for you.

Making liquid kratom

The solution is made from high-quality leaves, which are properly crushed and placed in alcohol. The quantity of the alcohol and leaves depends on the amount of the dose that you need. The reason for keeping the leaves in alcohol is to make sure that the properties in the leaves are not lost. This ensures that you finally get the desired results. Always stick to the right dose to avoid side effects. Purchase what you can afford from a vendor.

Effects of Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai kratom is a strain that is grown in the southern part of Asia. The strain has been used in treating various diseases and symptoms for the longest time and research shows that it is one of the best strains for those who want to improve their general health. First off, the green Thai kratom strain does not possess any side effects, and it is also known for giving a right balance in the body when consumed. Without further ado, the following are the benefits associated with green vein Thai kratom.

  • Energy boosting.

Instead of taking coffee in the morning which causes various side effects to the system, maybe you should start taking the green Thai kratom. It works magic in boosting the energy in the body and at the same time helping stay in a right hormone balance. Some of the people encouraged to take this strain are those engaged in manual and other hard labor.

  • Pain reliever.

This is another excellent benefit of taking the green strain. It has significant benefits to the body with pain relieving being one of them. It is prescribed to people with chronic pains associated with joint, back, and even the common illnesses. Just make sure to consult the doctor before you start to take the medications so he can advise you on the right prescription to take based on the pain.

  • Antidepressant.

In most cases, depression is usually associated with stress that an individual has been experiencing for a long time. Therefore, by taking the prescription of the green Thai kratom, one can reverse the state of the brain by getting rid of the stressors. So, this in return helps to get rid of the depression by improving their relaxation. Those who have taken the strain for these purposes have reported to feeling less agitated than before which are the typical signs of distress.

  • Improves sleeping patterns.

The stress mainly causes lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns in the body. Therefore, by taking the green kratom strain, one can relieve the pressure and in return improves their sleep. It is recommended that you take the strain probably 30 minutes before you sleep since they work better if taken few minutes before sleeping.

  • Increases in mental functioning.

If you want to improve the functioning of your brain, then this just the best remedy. As we saw earlier, the strain does not have side effects, and therefore, it does not interfere with your intellectual brain functioning. It helps you have a relaxed mind enabling you to think better and relax as well.


Green Thai kratom has been tested, and the above reviews are some of the significant benefits associated with taking the strain. Just consult a doctor regarding the right dose to take based on your health problem.